image courtesy of OJAI NORD (2016)

Chris Dreier (OJAI Nord) and Gary Farrelly (OJAI Sud) image: Dallas bureau (2017)

Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence

>> Fruit Efficiency <<

August 26 - September 23

Fruit Efficiency is the first Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence exhibition in North America. An OJAI information and research bureau will function as a fusion center for the organisation's site-specific reconnaissance and psycho cartography. A selection of our postal correspondence- curated around the themes of architecture, finance and terrorism will be on display. The organisation's second annual report will be published and made available for public scrutiny. A bureaucratic performance will take place at the inauguration of the exhibition and will involve: administration as seduction, transport infrastructure as music and softly spoken words for management.

The opening is on 26.08.2017 at RO2 Art
1501 South Ervay Street, Dallas, TX 75215

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