Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence, tunnel video (2018) [still](image as a postcard)



Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence is delighted to present White Paper on the Abolition of Tunnels (also known as Tunnel Lottery) - a video and live performance created during OJAI's residency at AIR Antwerpen this summer. The work is being performed in the context of the [Bau036] a group show from Antwerp by Baumusik currently on public display at Gold + Beton in Cologne. OJAI is particularly excited to bring the work to Gold + Beton bearing in mind that the gallery is located in the landmark pedestrian tunnel running under Ebert Platz in downtown Cologne.

OJAI spent the summer in Antwerp stitching together the performance out of research and documentation previously gathered on site in pedestrian tunnels in Wuppertal, Berlin and downtown Dallas (during our fact-finding mission to Texas last summer). New histories and video footage sourced in the two mammoth tunnels connecting both sides of Antwerp were also incorporated into the presentation. The performance follows the format of a lottery combined with video, music and storytelling elements that extend the topic of pedestrian tunnels into a conversation about architecture, violence, disaster and war.

Gold + Beton

Ebert Platz 3                      Performance
50668 Köln                        03 November 2018



Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence (OJAI Sud), modified tunnel postcard (2016) 



Gary Farrelly concludes a residency of three months in the framework of the annual collaboration between AIR Antwerpen and RAVI Liège. Working closely with his Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence partner Chris Dreier, the residency has been focused on the mammoth pedestrian tunnels running under The River Scheldt. OJAI has integrated the Antwerp material into previous tunnel research conducted in Dallas, Berlin, and Wuppertal-  You are cordially invited to a performative lecture unpacking the summer's work encompassing video, performance and sonic collage.

AIR Antwerpen




22.09.2018 - 23.09.2018

The Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence is delighted to be taking part in I Am Dynamite, a symposium taking place over two days with talks, performances, and music that celebrate the role of disagreement in culture creation and public discourse. IAD is part of this year's Dublin Fringe Festival. OJAI will perform at the finalé of IAD on the second day of the program, this will be our first time performing in Ireland. Curated by Roisin Agnew, the program includes: Angela Nagle, Jessa Crispin, Jesse Presley Jones, Emmet Kirwan, Seamas O'Reilly, Kitty Holland, Grace Dyas, Gary Gannon, Ellen Coyne, Roisin Kiberd, Willie White, Nialler 9, Rob Mirolo & Algorithm, Office For Joint Administrative Intelligence (Gary Farrelly and Chris Dreier), Spicebag and Rosa Abbott. 

              BOOK TICKETS

Event Times
22nd-23rd September 2018
13.00 – 18.00 hrs


GLUE, Salzburg

Oisin Byrne and Gary Farrelly, film still from Glue

>>GLUE <<


 At once documentary and fantasy, Glue delivers a radical and comic insight into our shattered subjectivity. Gary—a cross-dressing narcoleptic—has recently come off the mood-enhancing drugs used to treat his narcolepsy. Time and identity in the film are dislocated between places real and imagined: Gary’s flat in Brussels, a disintegrating Irish country house, the floating train in Wuppertal, his own grave, a maternity ward. Gary himself is linguistically pyrotechnic, quick-witted, and provocative, but it is in the pauses, hesitations, slow time and the intimate space of filmmaking that we discover a portrait which is tender and brutally touching.

"Glue“ by Oisin Byrne & Gary Farrelly is being screened as part of 20 Propositions, a series of exhibitions, performances and screenings taking place over the summer in the Salzburger Kunstverein. Each project phase has its own opening event. The Sunset Kino, Austria’s only outdoor avant-garde cinema, includes seven screenings of contemporary video and film. Curated by Séamus Kealy, 20 Propositions is produced in homage to the exhibition “40 Days 20 Exhibitions,” held 20 years ago in the Salzburger Kunstverein, and curated by the director then, Hildegund Amanshauser. This new version takes a different format but arises out a spirit of flux and engagement as the earlier exhibition had.

Salzburger Kunstverein



Gary Farrelly,  "Waco" OJAI correspondence (postcard) (2018), photographs from television news screen


30.06.18 - 08.07.18

Henry Andersen, Anna Bak, Eric Baudelaire, Tatiana Bohm, Simon Bedwell, Laurie Charles, Anthony Colclough, Liam Gillick, Jenny Holzer, Lukas Müller, Office For Joint Administrative Intelligence (Chris Dreier & Gary Farrelly), Linder Sterling, Parasite 2.0., Suzanne Treister, Frank Wasser, Zero Desk. Curated/ Edited by Pádraic E. Moore

Letters of Last Resort is a publication, exhibition and performance programme. The project is informed by ongoing research into the ‘culture of apocalypse’. Some of the material included in this compendium was produced specifically for the project while other elements were extant long before this endeavour commenced. Aside from the desire to assemble and disseminate these contributions from artists and writers, another factor motivating this work was the aspiration to initiate a project that served as a testament to the possibilities of collaboration. The development of this project entailed a pooling of energy and resources from the numerous individuals and I’m deeply grateful to all those who contributed. In the face of mounting anxiety and socio-political uncertainty, processes such as this are still truly inspiriting. The title of this project refers to letters signed by the British Prime Minister located on each of the submarines carrying nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles that constitute the Trident defence programme. 

Damien & The Love Guru



Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence, calamity/ flows map [preparitory diagram] (2018)


12.05.2018 - 07.07.2018

Sabrina Chou, Marijke De Roover, Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence (Chris Dreier & Gary Farrelly), Yuki Okumura, Meggy Rustamova, Eleonore Saintagnan, Gen Ueda, Jonathan Vinel, Beny Wagner, Justyna Wierzchowiecka Curatorial Team: Hilde Borgermans Romuald Demidenko Maxime Gourdon Alicja Melzacka Graphic Design: Linh Dong & Elise van Kerckhove In collaboration with: Curatorial Studies KASK & ISELP.

State of Statelessness is one way to describe the contemporary condition of disembodiment and the position of an individual in an increasingly mediated society. It becomes a site for self-production and aestheticisation, a matrix enmeshing what has not assumed any fixed form (yet). It can also be imagined as a paradoxical, pseudo-administrative body, a space for a supranational society to take form, a utopian enclave based on indeterminacy and fluidity. State of Statelessness is a swansong amidst the crisis. On the other hand, statelessness may appear as a fatal predicament, a painfully carnal condition of displacement. It harbors feelings of rejection and non-belonging and imposes the status of an outcast, the ‘other’. Finally, it connects to the state of being in-between, the moment of intermission or suspension on variety of levels. (from curatorial statement)

ISELP  Institut Supérieur pour l'Étude du Langage Plastique



Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence sound-checking at  Marres Center for Contemporary Culture (2017)


13.12.2017 - 04.02.2018

Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence is delighted to be participating in I Spy, I Spy, a little lie- the fifth edition of Marres Currents, curated by Evelyn Simons and Isabel Van Bos. Participating Artists: Henry Andersen, Felix Breidenbach, Alejandro Céron, Nicholas Hoffman, Aurélie d’Incau, Jesuus, Tim Löhde, José Montealegre, Ektor Ntourakos, Johanna Odersky, Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence (Gary Farrelly and Chris Dreier), Parasite 2.0, Nadia Perlov, Maria Gil Ulldemolins and Remko Van der Auwera.

In this day and age of virtual communication with its echo chambers and filter bubbles, political propaganda, the construction and transmission of myths, whitewashing, etc., artists raise questions regarding our methods to transmit knowledge and re-examine the tools we have to communicate with one another. This exhibition therefore departs from ideas related to Knowledge Commons, the philosophy pursuing a society in which information can be collectively owned, shared and managed as opposed to the privatisation of knowledge. How can collective knowledge generate collective consciousness?  (Simons/ Van Bos)

Marres  House for Contemporary Culture



Gary Farrelly, parliament building (2017), embroidery on postcard


18.08.2017 - 24.02.2018

CentralTrak - University of Texas Artists Residency and 500X Gallery are proud to present a hard place- An exhibition of artists and architects addressing and responding to the legacy of Brutalism; a dominant post war architectural movement embodying concepts of utilitarianism and Utopian aspiration.

Chris Dreier (DE), Christine Weber (DE), Cunningham Architects (TX), Dirk Krecker (DE), EVOL (DE), Gary Farrelly (IRE/BE), Julia Zinnbauer (DE), Laure Catugier (DE/FR), Matias Bechtold (DE), Oisin Byrne (IRE/UK), Pádraic E. Moore (IRE/BE), ScAle Architects (IT) and Tannhäuser Tor (Alekos Hofstetter (DE) & Florian Göpfert (DE). Curated by Gundula Schmitz (Laura Mars Gallery) and Gary Farrelly. Comprehensive documentation courtesy of Julia Zinnbauer;



image courtesy of OJAI NORD (2016)

Chris Dreier (OJAI Nord) and Gary Farrelly (OJAI Sud) image: Dallas bureau (2017)

Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence

>> Fruit Efficiency <<

August 26 - September 23

Fruit Efficiency is the first Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence exhibition in North America. An OJAI information and research bureau will function as a fusion center for the organisation's site-specific reconnaissance and psycho cartography. A selection of our postal correspondence- curated around the themes of architecture, finance and terrorism will be on display. The organisation's second annual report will be published and made available for public scrutiny. A bureaucratic performance will take place at the inauguration of the exhibition and will involve: administration as seduction, transport infrastructure as music and softly spoken words for management.

The opening is on 26.08.2017 at RO2 Art
1501 South Ervay Street, Dallas, TX 75215

Further Information



OJAI, reading room (2017), Laura Mars Gallery, Berlin.

OJAI ‐ Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence
Fruit Solutions

Opening reception: Friday, February 10, 2017, at 7 p.m.
with a performance and tape release by Dexia Defunct at 9 p.m.
Open to the public: 11. February ‐ 26. March 2017

Bingo: Sunday, March 26, 2017, at 5 p.m.
Architectural concept provided by ScAle Architects

Bülowstraße 52
10783 Berlin
Opening hours: Wed ‐ Fri 1 – 7 p.m. / Sat 1 – 5 p.m.

Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence





22.10.2016 - 25.01.2017

LOW HANGING FRUIT is the first exhibition by the Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence (Chris Dreier and Gary Farrelly). The exhibition explores bureaucratic and administrative strategies as modes of cultural production. Results and analyse from the recent OJAI policy and instincts opinion poll will be presented as well as plans for a world head-quarters designed by ScAle Architects (Benedetta Alessi and Maurizio Scalera). The Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence will present the organisations first annual general report as well as a critical text by Julia Zinnbauer. There will be noise performance by Dexia Defunct (Chris Dreier and Gary Farrelly) in collaboration with Frank Lohmeyer.




Gary Farrelly, typing on paper, posted in Berlin street/ object presumed destroyed (2016)


An exhibition with
Matias Bechtold, Chris Dreier, Gary Farrelly, Alekos Hofstetter & Florian Göpfert,
Dirk Krecker and Christine Weber
Galerie Lisi Haemmerle (Bregenz) in cooperation with Laura Mars Gallery (Berlin)

More sceptical is the work of Gary Farrelly and Dirk Krecker who interrogate the aesthetics of modernity: Farrelly subverts the representation of modernist buildings by hand-embroidering them with delicate patterns while Krecker has punched holes into white sheets of paper with a typewriter. The results of these seemingly strenuous activities are fragile textures reminiscent of complex urban structures and at the same time of digital information overload.        
                                                                                                             (Der Standard 13/08/2016)
Galerie Lisi Hämmerle

Anton-Schneider-Strasse 4a

A - 6900 Bregenz

Tel./Fax: +43 (0) 5574 52452 Mobile: +43 (0) 664 52 88 239

Opening times Wednesday–Friday 3–7 pm, Saturday from 4–7 pm and by appointment


OneOnOne, Brussels

foreground: David Lunney, background: Gary Farrelly; image courtesy of Ella de Burca.

Gary Farrelly, college wrestlers (2016), embroidery on found image.

Stefan Banz, Ella de Burca, Gary Farrelly, David Lunney, Léa Mayer and Pope L will will square up to the theme of boxing, not to splay it lifelessly across a canvas but to vigorously recatalise the pugilistic narrative. The artist will become boxer and questions of body, ego, society, medium and representation will be brought into focus with adrenal clarity amid a series of fractious blows. The exhibition is the curatorial initiative of Anthony Colclough. 

Opening night wil feature: Professor Vanreusel of KU Leuven, brief academic discussion, 'Boxing, art and poetry'. Barbara Pereyra and Billie Hanne dance performance.

25 May at 18:00–22:00
Exhibition closes 10 June

Clovis XV, Boulevard Clovis, 15, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.



foreground: Gary Farrelly, administrative building (2016) courtesy of Julia Zinnebauer.

Gary Farrelly, 3rd generation quasi-autonomous stitch on medical facility (2016).

30. 4. – 4. 6. 2016

Opening on Sat, 30th of April 2016 at 7 pm
An exhibition about the efficacy of postwar modernist architecture on contemporary art with works by Matias Bechtold, Laure catugier, Chris Dreier, EVOL, Gary Farrelly, Alekos Hofstetter & Florian Göpfert, Carsten Nicolai, Tim Trantenroth und Julia Zinnbauer, curated by Alekos Hofstetter.

galerie weisser elefant
Auguststraße 21 10117 Berlin
Di – Fr 11 – 19 Uhr Sa 13 – 19 Uhr 

exihibition documentation at scissorella




Image: Office of Joint Administrative Intelligence (2016)
Our second performance as Dexia Defunct takes place at Bei Ruth bar in Neukölln on March 25th. The latest installment of the DD collaboration is a soundscape made up of office machinery, administrative processes and transport infrastructure. The recordings are combined with spoken word content: collaboratively researched financial data, self-hypnosis and language tutorial. The performance is taking place as part of:

„Ich hoere dauernd Huehner“ – Bob Rutman & Zam Johnson + Feedbackorchester + Dexia Defunct + Flamingo Creatures + DJs Plattentektonik. Curated by Ansgar Wilken.

Office of Joint Administrative Intelligence (2016): Gary Farrelly (left) and Chris Dreier (right). Image Ann Christine Freuwoerth

Dexia Defunct had it's inaugural concert Musique Concrete for the age of communication and control at the Bokal Royale in Brussels last June.  Dexia Defunct is a part of the OJAI Office of Joint Administrative Intelligence, a research collaboration focused on economic modeling, post-war architecture and personal inventory systems. OJAI activity manifests in co-authored bureaucracy, sound performance, mail-art and photography.



image courtesy of Kitty Kamp
Gary Farrelly, consolidated exercise 1 (2015), 29 x 35 inches.

Policy Documents is Gary Farrelly’s first solo exhibition in New York. Research material comprised of typed lists, diagrams and self-generated flotsam institute an atmosphere of bureaucracy and office. Self-representation through administrative systems is the central proposition. Materials employed include: carbon paper, spray paint, stencils, a typewriter and office stationary. The curator is Suzi Teo.

Museum Quality is a minuscule space, in the setting of a mall, hidden behind a taxicab dispatcher. It is an unlikely venue for showcasing conceptual art and design. In marked contrast to the cookie-cutter white cubes, Museum Quality is an attempt to design a forum that harkens back to ad hoc artist run spaces, with minimal red tape; an experimental lab to redefine the language of institution and space.

Gary Farrelly
Policy Documents

On view Nov 21 - Dec 21, 2015

Museum Quality
59 Pearl Street 
Brooklyn, New York 11201 



Chris Dreier and Gary Farrelly, AAA rated recording, limited edition hand made cassette, White Trash Gallery, Illinois.

A specially recorded noise composition by Dexia Defunct (Chris Dreier and Gary Farrelly) will be broadcast in the small rural city of LaSalle, Illinois. The public broadcast is the headline event of a spoken word/ noise art exhibition happening at White Trash Gallery. The composition is made up of recordings of domestic and office machinery as well as sounds of transport infrastructure, toy weapons and site-specific distortion loops. The piece also features an information-heavy voiceover. Limited edition/ stamped and approved cassettes have been dispatched from Brussels (via Berlin) to LaSalle and will be on display and available for purchase.