[Image courtesy of Kitty Kamp]
Policy Documents is my first solo exhibition in New York. Research material comprised of typed lists, diagrams and self-generated flotsam institute an atmosphere of bureaucracy and office. Self-representation through administrative systems is the central proposition. The exhibition is curated by Suzi Teo.

Museum Quality is a minuscule space, in the setting of a mall, hidden behind a taxicab dispatcher. In marked contrast to the cookie-cutter white cubes, Museum Quality is an attempt to design a forum that harkens back to ad hoc artist run spaces, with minimal red tape; an experimental lab to redefine the language of institution and space.

Gary Farrelly
Policy Documents

Opening November 21, 2015
6:00 - 8:00 pm

On view Nov 21 - Dec 21, 2015

Museum Quality
59 Pearl Street
Brooklyn, New York 11201



Chris Dreier and Gary Farrelly, AAA rated recording, limited edition hand made cassette, White Trash Gallery, Illinois.
A specially recorded noise composition by Dexia Defunct will be broadcast in the small rural city of LaSalle, Illinois. The public broadcast is the headline event of a spoken word/ noise art exhibition happening at White Trash Gallery. The composition is made up of recordings of domestic and office machinery as well as sounds of transport infrastructure, toy weapons and site-specific distortion loops. The piece also features an information-heavy voiceover. Limited edition/ stamped and approved cassettes have been dispatched from Brussels (via Berlin) to LaSalle and will be on display and available for purchase.


RECHERCHES 15, Tournai

 Gary Farrelly, administrative building,embroidery on postcard, Image courtesy of TAMAT.
TAMAT - Le Centre d'art contemporain du textile de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles présente « Recherches 15 ». L'exposition est le fruit des expérimentations textiles des boursiers fréquentant les ateliers de Recherches et d'Expérimentations pendant une année. Vidéo, design textile, sérigraphie, dessin, sculpture, toutes les techniques sont utilisées pour (re)découvrir les arts textiles et leurs infinies possibilités. 

TAMAT - The Center for contemporary textile art of Brussels and Wallonia presents « Recherches 15 ». The exhibition is the culmination of a year of funded research carried out by the museum's eight artist's in residence. Video, textile design, print, drawing and sculpture were employed to investigate textiles in the widest interpritation of the term.

 Gary Farrelly
Claire Williams
Caroline Fainke
Adam Weiner
Maximilien Ramoul
Clara Montoya
Sophie Duquesne
Vincent Sainlez

Vernissage le 02.10.15 de 18h à 21h
Visite guidée gratuite le dimanche 04 octobre à 14h30

9 Place Reine-Astrid BE7500 Tournai Belgique - Tél +32(0)69 23 42 85 - info@tamat.be


DEXIA DEFUNCT, Brussels/ Berlin

Gary Farrelly and Chris Dreier during the inaugural Dexia Defunct performance in Brussels. Photo by  Julia Zinnbauer.
Musique Concrète for the age of communication and control
Recorded sounds and noises, a modular machine and a technocratic voice form the Dexia Defunct experience. Founded this year by artists Chris Dreier and Gary Farrelly as part of a new collaboration including mail art, photography and lists. Dexia Defunct had it's first concert with Burqamachines at Bokal Royal in Brussels this June. www.soundcloud.com/dexia-defunct.



This weekend there will be a screening of Stop(2015) a short film collaboration with Oisin Byrne. The projection takes place at Schwarzwaldallee in Basel, Switzerland this Sunday April 19th at 19:00hrs.

In Zusammenarbeit mit Sophie Jung

Hannah Black
Oisin Byrne und Gary Farrelly
Jesse Darling
Tom Duggan
Sophie Jung
Renaud Loda
Alice Theobald
Sebastien Verdon
Ian Wooldridge

Voltastrasse 41
4056 Basel



Gary Farrelly, correspondence art installation,(2015), Grölle Pass Projects


>>GLUE <<

24.01.2015 - 15.03.2015

Zeichnungen : Bilder : Objekte : Video

Mittwoch bis Freitag
16.00 – 19.00 Uhr
11.00 – 14.30 Uhr


ON PAPER, Dallas

Gary Farrelly, architectural composition/ dispatch 2015035 (2014), mixed media on paper, image courtesy of the artist.

My new works on paper will be shown along-side esteemed colleagues Joshua Goode,
 Antonine Gougeau, Timothy Harding, Kathy Robinson-Hays, Sam Schonzeit, and Brian Scott.

November 21 - January 31, 2014
OPENING RECEPTION Friday, November 21, 7 - 10pm
OPENING HOURS Wednesday through Saturday, 12 - 5pm

110 North Akard Street/ Dallas, Texas 75210



Gary Farrelly, Dispatch 2014010 (2014), 40cm x 23cm, PUST, North Korea.

My 5th  North Korean mail art dispatch left Brussels this afternoon. The object entitled Dispatch 2014010 departed Belgium [unenveloped] in the standard mail.

Extensive research was conducted to find a civic institution in the DPRK to receive the objects. Finally, Pyongyang University of Science and Technology was selected as the most appropriate entity in DPRK for the initiative. Ultimately some sort of response or reciprocal initiative from the receiving end is hoped for. At his time there is no information pertaining to the whereabouts of the proceeding dispatches. Each dispatch has been documented to fullest extent of my technical capacity. The undertaking is part of my 5th 2 Year Development Plan (2014-2016).



Gary Farrelly, selected works (2014), 5 x A1, collage on cardboard, this is a work in progress.

This is the first documentation of my on-going experimentation with incrementally generated compositions. The creation of objects in this way is an ongoing endeavour and is explicitly encouraged under the auspices of my 5th 2 Year Development Plan (2014-2016) . The photograph was taken outside my studio at the base of the Congress Column in Central Brussels.


GLUE (movie), London

In the photograph Gary Farrelly photograph by oisin Byrne,  screen shot from the collaborative film project Glue.
In the photograph Violet Ogden photograph by oisin Byrne,  screen shot from the collaborative film project Glue.

Glue is a collaborative film project being undertaken by myself and Oisin Byrne. It is a much longer and more ambitious undertaking then the Radical Science film collaborations which proceed it  The writing and recording of the film is already well underway and is being generated incrementally in various locations (London, Brussels, Rhodes and Pickering Forest). The film explores the radical logic that underpins absurd belief systems and their seductive manifestation in everyday life. The project is ongoing.



Gary Farrelly, Mimeo Dispatches (2014), 10 x 21cm x 30cm on display at the artist's studio before dispatch to Dallas.

My new body of work will be on public display at this years Dallas Art Fair. The body of work is entitled Mimeo Dispatches and will be installed  at the RO2 Art booth  located at coordinates: F14-A. 

The artwork presented at the Dallas Art Fair resonates with my established mail art practice in that each of the ten component pieces is stamped, addressed and primed for individual dispatch to either a new petitionee or an established correspondent. As a single larger artwork incrementally generated by exercises in replication, however, the work seems to resist potential dispersal. The larger artwork exists only for the duration of the fair. The constituent pieces will be dispatched to their final destinations when the exhibition closes. Viewed in series it suggests an investigation not only into surface texture and visual cadence, but also into discipline, control and artistic rigour in its human-as-machine production processes. These issues occupy an increasingly central part of my current artistic practice and are strongly emphasized in my 5th 2 Year Development Plan (2014-2016).

Gary Farrelly, 2014112 (2014), mixed media on card, 21cm x 30cm, image courtesy of the artist.

The Dallas Art Fair is located at FIG (Fashion Industry Gallery)
1807 Ross Avenue, Dallas , TX 75201.

Friday, April 11, 2014
11:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Saturday, April 12, 2014
11:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Sunday, April 13, 2014
12:00 AM to 6:00 PM




A selection of postal works on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Republika Srpska (2013).

I have been dispatching a series of advanced Mail Artworks to MSURSThe Museum of Contemporary Art of Republika Srpska since January 2013. The correspondence artworks have been dispatched at monthly intervals without envelope. The museum was chosen  as the target for this Mail Art project due to various historical, geographical and cultural considerations. I unilaterally instigated the process and the initial dispatches were not solicited by MSURS. As the process has developed the artwork has accumulated in Republika Srpska and the curatorial staff at the museum have become active collaborators in the process documenting and archiving every piece upon arrival.

In December 2013 MSURS requested that the works be incorporated into the museums permanent collection and subsequently the ownership of the works has been officially transferred to MSURS. In February 2014 a selection the of works were shown as part of a group exhibition entitled Iz/usetnosti (which translates as Extraordinaries). After the exhibition the display became a permanent public display.

The process of dispatching work to Republika Srpska continues and will be accelerated under the auspices of my 5th 2 Year Development Plan (2014-2016).

Gary Farrelly, Dispatch 2014077 (2014), 22cm x31cm, mixed media on card, image courtesy of the artist.



Gary Farrelly, 5th 2 Year Development Plan (2014), typed document.
My 5th 2 Year Development Plan (2014-2016) has come in to effect and will govern all aspects of my personal and professional operations during the next 24 months.  I have semi-officially code-named the plan The Great Turn after the Soviet Union’s monumental first Five-Year Plan. The Great Turn promotes productive behaviors that will generate intellectual capacity, new technical skills and a more rigorous cultural research. Any vestiges of jealous perversion currently resident inside me will be utterly dismantled by 2016. Auto erotic behavior is targeted for a reduction of 20% - freeing up vital energy that will be diverted to my off-shore operations.

Mail-art/ Kunst Postal will remain the primary vehicle for my foreign policy and will body forth new international dialogues. Operations in the main territories are to be accelerated  to the following degrees: Belgium +4000%, Texas +600%, United States (excluding Texas) +200% and Ireland +200%. Operations in Germany, Republika Srpska and Norway are not mentioned specifically in the plan but are taken in to account under the heading Bilateral Collaboration (UNKNOWN KNOWN) +700%. Religious fervor has been realigned and will fortify at a rate of 100% over the two year term.

A massive amount of processing power is being allocated to the measurement of the plan itself, an activity that will grow by 400%. Alcohol and red meat consumption will both be held at their current rates under the austerity diet policy which will remain in effect for the duration of the plan. Other notable allocations: Botanic Husbandry +15%, Quality of Footwear +30% and Romantic Openness +200%. The plans is being dispensed and monitored from my new headquarters in Central Brussels. 

Gary Farrelly, Auto-bureaucratic data 1 (2014), A3 format, illustration for publication, private collection, New York.

Gary Farrelly, Auto-bureaucratic data 2 (2014), A3 format, illustration for publication, private collection, New York.



Gary Farrelly, Where I come From 1/6 (2013), mixed media on paper, 42cm x 42cm,  private collection, Ireland.

The cover artwork and interior sleeve artwork I produced for Christy Moore's new album Where I Come From (2013) is finally ready for public consumption. The work is composed of a series of lists and a map programmed with the names of people and places that appear in Moore's song writing. The artworks are being used for television and billboard advertising the album as well as functioning as set design for television performances including RTE's Late Late Show. This is the second time I have had the privilege of producing artwork to accompany a recording by Christy Moore, the previous offering being Burning Times (2006).



Gary Farrelly, Statistical composition related to Going Postal (2013), private collection, Dallas.

I dispatched 128 units of mail dispatched to the following locations in the first half of 2013. Texas (41 units/ 32%), Ireland (28 units/ 22%), Republika Srpska (10 units/ 9%), Belgium (8 units/ 6%), France (8 units/ 6%), United States *excluding Texas (8 units/ 6%), Germany (7 units/ 5%), England (6 units/ 4%), Canada (3 units/ 2%), Poland (3 units/ 2%), Iran (3 units/ 2%), Italy (1 unit/ 1%), Greece (1 unit/ 1%), Netherlands (1 unit/ 1%) and Norway (1 unit/ 1%). 

The dispatches break down into the following classifications by order of numeric strength: Personal Correspondence (40 units/  31% ), Mail Art/ Postal Art (38 units/  29%), Personal Administration (30 units/ 22% ), Government Bureaucracy (10 units/ 9% ), Miscellaneous (10 units/ 9% ) .

Of the 38 Mail Artworks dispatched in the first half of the year 16 units/ 43% were sent expressly for inclusion in Going Postal, an exhibition of Postal Art production at RE Gallery in Dallas, Texas. 10 units/ 26% were dispatched to The Museum of Contemporary Art of Republika Srpska. These were sent as part of an ongoing collaboration with that institution. 7 units/ 18% were received by Marfa based artist Sam Schonzeit. Schonzeit and I  both worked on each artwork rotating it between our respective studios via airmail. These collaborative works were also exhibited in Going Postal. 5 units/ 13% went to other parties at miscellaneous locations. 



Gary Farrelly, Postal works (2013), RE Gallery, Dallas, Texas.               
Gary Farrelly, Postal works (2013), RE Gallery, Dallas, Texas.



(Above) Gary Farrelly and Oisin Byrne, Øy Paviljong (2013), performance and photographic print.
(Above) Gary Farrelly and Oisin Byrne, [detail] Øy Paviljong (2013), performance and photographic print.



Gary Farrelly, 2013110 (2013). mixed media on card, 21cm x 29cm, RE Gallery, Dallas.
I am participating in a mail art** collaboration with Dallas curator Wanda Dye and Texan artists Michael Corris, John Pomara and Sam Schonzeit. The project which is called Going Postal will see each of the artists dispatch artworks without envelope via the standard postal system. Wanda Dye is the receiving hand and is documenting and categorizing each arrival. The collaboration will culminate in an exhibition of the works entitled Going Postal at Dallas's RE Gallery this coming August.

**Mail-Art is a core gesture emphasized in Farrelly's 4th 2 year development plan (2013-2015). Pieces are mailed without envelope in the standard post, thus exposed to bureaucratic alteration and procedural molestation. Whole exhibitions are incrementally transmitted in this manner. 



Terminal Compositions
November 9 - December 8, 2012

110 North Akard Street/ Dallas, Texas 75210/ (214) 803-9575

Friday, November 9, 7 - 10pm

Wednesday through Saturday, 12 - 5pm

Gary Farrelly, Leigh Bowery International Airport (2012), mixed media on board,  115cm x 80cm, RO2 Art, Dallas.

I would like to thank Marina Guinness, Oisin Byrne, Lindsey and Patrick Collins, Violet Ogden, Camilla Monroe and RO2 Art for their generosity, support and assistance at all stages in the execution of this project. It is sincerely and profoundly appreciated. 


KUNSTBUREAU, Pickering Forest

Image of the artist's studio in summer 2012, photograph by Oisin Byrne.

The pieces are currently being created at the Kunstbureau (artist's studio) at Pickering Forest in Ireland. The completed works will be exhibited in a show called Terminal Compositions at RO2 Art's project space in downtown Dallas this November.



Gary Farrelly, airport postcard #2 (2012), mixed media on paper, 21cm x 15cm, Parkingallery Projects, Tehran.

A series of small and medium artworks by will be shown as part of an exhibition entitled Control Tower at Tehran's Parkingallery Projects. The artworks are mail art correspondence dispatched to the exhibition's curator Amirali Ghasemi as part of an ongoing bilateral dialogue. The mail art pieces will be installed alongside five technocratic drawings created especially for the exhibition.

Parkingallery project presents
Control Tower
Curated by Amirali Ghasemi / Parking Projects
Mona Abbaspour / Mojtaba Adibi / Borna Ahmadi /Mojtaba Amini  / Ghazaleh Bahiraie  / Shilan Borhani  / Anita Esfandiari / Gary Farrelly / Pegah Feizabadi / Amirali Ghasemi / Anahita Hekmat / Honmoz New Art Group  / Yashar Lavaee / Mahta Saghafi / Hamed Sahihi / Parvin Shokri / Martin Shamounpoor / Tehran Carnival and John Mattavosian

11th of April 2012, 15 – 20
Public Viewing: 12th – 24th April 12-20 Thu. 12-18  &  Fri. from 17-20.
Gallery is closed on Saturdays instead of Tuesdays.

No2.Golestan Blvd. Africa (Jordan) Blvd. Tehran



Assembling at Galerie Modonov for the 'The New Obsessive Tour of Dublin' , image by onlinesketchpad.wordpress.com

As part of his exhibition All roads lead to Neustern, artist Gary Farrelly leads 'The New Obsessive Tour of Dublin', a guided walking tour that will reinvent the histories and functions of the captial's built environment. Taking in existing architecture, Farrelly's tour will warp the Dublin you know into a Dublin unhinged, reimagined, and manipulated by the artist's will and whim - cue H-bomb-proof secret police headquarters, ministries for sexual morality and mind-control, and state visits via U-boat up the Liffey. The tour begins at pop-up gallery space Galerie Modonov at 3pm. Attendance is free and all are welcome. The tour will terminate at Galerie Modonov where refreshments will be served!

The tour departs from Galerie Modonov: Saturday, November 19, 2011at 3:00pm - 6:00pm.

'All roads lead to Neustern' continues at Galerie Modonov, 114 Capel Street, Dublin 1 until 26 November.



Gary Farrelly, The artist as autonomous coastal city state(2011)[detail] , image courtesy of the artist.

All roads lead to Neustern
November 10 - November 26, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 7 - 10pm
Galerie Modonov, 114 Capel Street, Dublin 1, Ireland.
Tuesday through Sunday, 11 - 5pm

Gary Farrelly, Neustern and associated alphabetized street index, image by www.onlinesketchpad.wordpress.com



Gary Farrelly, January Data (2010), water colour and pencil on paper, 30cm x 42cm, private collection, Northern Ireland.

GuerillaArts is proud to host Great Development: an exhibition of new works on paper by Gary Farrelly curated by Patrick Short. An opening reception is being hosted this Friday, November 12, 2010 from 7:00pm - 9:00pm. A second mid run public opening will be held on Friday 19th 17:00 - 21:00hrs. Runs until 27 November 2010 by appointment.

Guerilla Arts,
1900 North Haskell,
Dallas 75204.




Image courtesy of www.artandwork.us

Works that confront the global economic crisis by challenging the avenues for exhibition and consumption of art and the art experience, by Richie Budd, Gary Farrelly, Professor Thomas Riccio and Dr. Frank Dufour (collaborating), Ludwig Schwarz, Marjorie Schwarz, give up, and Temporary Services. The opening will also include “Son of Trunk Show,” presented by Shelby Cunningham and featuring 8 other artists. Curated by Corolyn Sortor  Organized by CentralTrak Director, Kate Sheerin. Gary Farrelly is the current artist in residence at Central Trak,

The exhibition runs through July 24. Saturday, May 22: 
“The Non-Profit Margin”: Exhibition – Opening Reception
Where: CentralTrak, 800 Exposition Ave. at Ash, Dallas, TX
When: Saturday, May 22 from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

   Gary Farrelly, artist issued bond 1/20, water-colour on paper, private collection, Dallas, Texas.



Gary Farrelly, 15 dossiers (2008), mixed media bound by bull dog clips, Galerie W, Paris.

Première exposition internationale - en solo - de l’artiste obsessif irlandais Gary Farrelly, 25 ans. Kunstbureaucracy: maps, airports, air disasters, propaganda, dossiers, art postal, horloges, lists, reading materiel, statistics. Exposition évolutive du 23 février au 1er avril 2009 à la Galerie W (44 rue Lepic - Paris 18).

44 Rue Lepic,
Paris 75018.

Tel : 01-42-54-80-24
Site officiel : www.galeriew.com
Date Lundi 23 Février 2009 - Mardi 24 Mars 2009



Gary Farrelly, collage on paper, image courtesy of the artist.
Plans, Sections and Elevations is a curatorial project of Padraic Moore. A number of architectural offices including Scale Architects and A&D Wejchert, the firm responsible for the Helix, have contributed to the exhibition. Artists: Gary Farrelly (Paris), Christoph Kronke (Berlin) and David Turpin (Dublin) have also been also commissioned to make work for the exhibition. None of the artists have any formal architectural training but make use of architectural forms and references in their work. Each artist has contributed 70-100 drawings for display.

Plans,Sections & Elevations runs until 29 May
Royal Institute of Architects,
8 Merrion Sq
Dublin 2.