Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence, calamity/ flows map [preparitory diagram] (2018)


12.05.2018 - 07.07.2018

Sabrina Chou, Marijke De Roover, Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence (Chris Dreier & Gary Farrelly), Yuki Okumura, Meggy Rustamova, Eleonore Saintagnan, Gen Ueda, Jonathan Vinel, Beny Wagner, Justyna Wierzchowiecka Curatorial Team: Hilde Borgermans Romuald Demidenko Maxime Gourdon Alicja Melzacka Graphic Design: Linh Dong & Elise van Kerckhove In collaboration with: Curatorial Studies KASK & ISELP.

State of Statelessness is one way to describe the contemporary condition of disembodiment and the position of an individual in an increasingly mediated society. It becomes a site for self-production and aestheticisation, a matrix enmeshing what has not assumed any fixed form (yet). It can also be imagined as a paradoxical, pseudo-administrative body, a space for a supranational society to take form, a utopian enclave based on indeterminacy and fluidity. State of Statelessness is a swansong amidst the crisis. On the other hand, statelessness may appear as a fatal predicament, a painfully carnal condition of displacement. It harbors feelings of rejection and non-belonging and imposes the status of an outcast, the ‘other’. Finally, it connects to the state of being in-between, the moment of intermission or suspension on variety of levels. (from curatorial statement)

ISELP  Institut Supérieur pour l'Étude du Langage Plastique