Tunnel Affection proposes three performances in subterranean contexts featuring Merzedes Sturm-Lie, Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence O.J.A.I. (Chris Dreier and Gary Farrelly) and Ogar Grafe. Tunnel Affection is part of TERI*, an ongoing series of O.J.A.I. operations exploring tunnels as ready-made stages for performative interventions and other forms of cultural assembly. Previous subterrestial initiatives include a renaming ceremony in the Wuppertal Angst Tunnel, affective listening & underpass-themed cocktails in the Charleroi Paradise Tunnels and a musical composition workshop in the defamed under-street passages of Chisinau, Moldova. Tunnel Affection starts in the immense, futuristic ICC tunnel before proceeding to a nearby underground location. The evening culminates in a party with DJ Daniel Shushan. Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence is generously supported by Berlin Musikfonds.
* Tunnel Emancipation and Recreation Initiative

- Merzedes Sturm-Lie is drawn to processes of transformation and the investigation of narratives, experimenting with objects, symbols and sounds. Swinging back and forth in a duality between the ontology of violence and social alterations, She reflects on memory, history and place.

- Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence (Chris Dreier and Gary Farrelly) is a para-intelligence agency operating between Brussels and Berlin. Their work is fueled by obsessive research in the fields of architecture, institutional power and magic.

- Ogar Grafe's work is occupied with spiritism, politics and pseudo-occultism materializing in the formation of everyday objects and costumes. Time, spirit and the ensuing turmoil of thoughts in the labyrinthian process of his needlework give him inspiration to vociferously perform his texts and songs.

Meeting point is 14.45 at the entrance to the tunnel on Messedamm, corner to Neue Kantstrasse facing the International Congress Center. 52.5074568046419, 13.280596597780175 min from U-Bahn Kaiserdamm or 2 min from S-Bahn Messe Nord. Later we travel two stops on the S-Bahn and walk about 15 minutes to a second secret location, so we recommend to get a day ticket.

Sunday 09 October, 2022
International Congress Center 




The Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence presents a radio performance based on their obsession with pedestrian tunnels. Find out why the locals of Wuppertal refer to their tunnels as ‘angst tunnels’ and why the city of Dallas ‘ deemphasized’ their downtown tunnel network.  Expect music, field recordings, collaborative work, sonic engagement, monologues, cautionary tales and pornography. The transmission encompasses material gathered in the field by O.J.A.I. in Belgium, Germany, the United States and Moldova and is part of their ongoing Tunnel Emancipation and Reactivation Initiative (TERI). The transmission goes out on Dublin Digital Radio and exceptionally, on the Common Waves Radio platform in the context of the 2020 Architecture Biennial in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Monday 26 October, 2020
18:00 Dublin/ 19:00 Berlin & Brussels/ 22:00 Tbilisi/ 12.00 Dallas 




>>EDU-ART << 

The performative presentation will introduce Office for joint administrative Intelligence's work across a wide variety of mediums including installation, bureaucracy. urban reconnaissance and radio broadcasts. The talk will focus on the strategy of self-institutionalisation which is central to the practice- whereby ceremonies, terminology, and other levers of corporate and political control are appropriated and repurposed as tools for research, performance, and structuring intimacy. The presentation will be in English. The talk is followed by two days of Urban Reconnaissance workshops instructed by O.J.A.I. focused on pedestrian tunnel infrastructure in down town Chisinau.

O.J.A.I. is invited to participate by Oberliht Association in the context of Edu-Art 2020 - art research and cultural activism on the periphery. The project is generously supported by Administraţia Fondului Cultural Naţional din România (AFCN). 

Zpațiu / Zpace                                   Artist Talk
103 Strada Alexei Şciusev                 24 September 19:00hrs
Moldova                                             EDU-ART PROGRAM



Gary Farrelly, O.J.A.I. pictorial correspondence items 2020039 and 2020045 (2020),  O.J.A.I. Sud, Berlin


Join O.J.A.I. this evening for our Hero Worship Special on DDR Dublin Digital Radio. We have an interview with Wolfgang Müller about his collaborations with the late Tabea Blumenschein! Also assembled for your listening pleasure: North Vietnamese propaganda, Speedcore, Electric Organ, BBC sound archive, the father of American conspiracy theory, Catholic synth produced by nuns and the ever present voice of the Office forJoint Administrative Intelligence.

Monday 3 August 2020 (transmissions every subsequent 4th Monday) 
18:00 Dublin/ 19:00 Brussels/ 12:00 Dallas 



Image courtesy of Grölle Pass Projects (2017). Photograph by Ann Christine Freuwoerth 



No Tourists is a new public service broadcast from the Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence. O.J.A.I. directors Chris Dreier and Gary Farrelly present a themed selection of obscure music, audio documents, and monologues in an atmosphere of monumental architecture, institutional power and DIY ritual. 

Inaugural Broadcast 

Monday 6 June 2020 (transmissions every subsequent 4th Monday) 
18:00 Dublin/ 19:00 Brussels/ 12:00 Dallas 



GLUE, Dublin

>>GLUE <<

As part of the exhibition Desire: A Revision at IMMA the Irish Museum of Modern Art are delighted to collaborate with the Irish Film Institute (IFI) in showing the Dublin premiere of the film GLUE, directed by Oisin Byrne with monologues written and performed by Gary Farrelly. The first screening will be followed by Q&A with Rachel Thomas, Head of Exhibitions at IMMA, and co-curator of Desire exhibition.

Irish Film Institute                        First Screening 



Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence, Southern Headquarters (2017) 


In the context of the Bauhaus centenary, the Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence is bringing their cult bingo game to the German city of Bernau. The performance is based on the organisations' recurring fixation with the built environment and features readings, a slide show, prize-draw and music from the OJAI Political and Infrastructural Sound Archive (PISA).  Most importantly, there are very desirable OJAI monogrammed prizes to be won. Chris Dreier and Gary Farrelly are delighted to be joining forces with D. Holland Morritz for this project. Refreshments will be served. Frequent Regional (13 min) and S Bahn trains to Bernau depart from Berlin Gesundbrunnen. 

Galerie Bernau                         
Bürgermeisterstraße 4                       Performance Time
16321 Bernau bei Berlin                     14 December 2019           
Germany                                           19:00 hrs        




    09.11.2O19 & 26.11.2019

Aisha Christison & Jack Burton, Angyvir Padilla & Yoel Pytowski, Ekaterina Kaplunova & Richard Venlet, Gary Farrelly & Gilles Hellemans, Marie Sardin & Rémy Tith, Nils Alix-Tabeling & Justin Fitz Patrick. Curated by Jacopo Pagin

SB34 The Pool
34 Rue Saint Bernard                                 
B-1060 Brussels                                                




    26.10.2O19 & 27.10.2019

ECII brings together practices that appropriate institutional identities, processes and languages as tools for artistic research, performance and production. The program happens over two days of performances, lectures, screenings and concerts. The participants include an office, a department, an assembly, a headquarters, a society, an agency and a ministry. The conference culminates in a Plenary Session, a round table discussion moderated by Joseph Noonan-Ganley. ECII is hosted by the Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence and is generously supported by Grölle Pass Projects and Kulturbüro Wuppertal.

Featuring- Department of Ultimology, ENCORE, Gesellschaft zur Emanzipation des Samples G.E.S, Vanja Smiljanić- Minister of Cosmic People for the countries of Ex-Yugoslavia, Portugal and Former Portuguese Colonies, Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence, T.A.L.O.S., That Might Be Right, Self Luminous Society, Joseph Noonan-Ganley , Pádraic E. Moore, Julia Zinnbauer. Scenography by Parasite 2.0. Publication in collaboration with Zero-Desk. ECII website by Tea Palmelund.

Grölle Pass Projects
143 e Friedrich Ebert Strasse                                 Conference hours 
D-42117 Wuppertal                                                 Sat 14:00 - late (inc refreshments and dancing)
Germany                                                                 Sun 12:00 - 19:00 (inc refreshments and excursion)





    19.10.2O19 & 01.12.2019

The Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence's second exhibition at Groelle Pass Projects KNOW YOUR PLACE showcases obsessive research in the combined field of architecture, hero-worship, conspiracy theory and the power of institutions. It encompasses maps, videos, audio work, postal correspondence and declassified documents from the archive. In addition, the exhibition is accompanied by a limited edition vinyl LP featuring Dreier and Farrelly reading lists, their preferred format for conveying information. It also includes sounds from OJAI's Political and Infrastructural Sound Archive.

The scenography for Know Your Place is by Italian architecture and design practice Parasite 2.0 who have designed a bespoke office environment especially for OJAI. Their construction functions as a system of display as well as a site of collaboration, performance and work.

The exhibition is inextricably linked to the European Conference of Institutional Ideators ECII, hosted by OJAI on October 26/27 - a gathering of self-instituted artistic practices. The exhibition responds to the same question that motivates the conference: How to be an institution? Why be an institution? How to institute?

Grölle Pass Projects
143 e Friedrich Ebert Strasse                             
D-42117 Wuppertal                                                 






The Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence is delighted to present a new performance entitled Plenary Session 1. The work comes to Wexford in the context of Here/There, a Rhineland-South East collaboration curated by Anya von Gosselnand Juergen Groelle facilitated by Wexford Arts Centre. Plenary Session 1 is O.J.A.I.’s first Irish performance outside Dublin and combines spoken word, audio and video elements pertaining to O.J.A.I.’s research in the field of calamity, conspiracy theory, and political identity. The performance takes place in Wexford County Council's legislative chamber, the ideal scenography for O.J.A.I.'s ongoing investigation into the bureaucratic apparatus that ensures collective functioning and the power structures embedded in public architecture.

The Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence was founded in 2015 by Chris Dreier (DE) and Gary Farrelly (IRE/BE) and is headquartered in Berlin and Brussels. O.J.A.I. research focuses on esoteric information embedded in the urban environment and the agency of the self in history’s bigger narrative. O.J.A.I. work takes the form of surveys, field trips, publications, performances, videos, and a radio show. O.J.A.I. exhibitions, temporary offices and performances have taken place at Marres, House for-Contemporary Culture (Maastricht), Laura Mars Gallery (Berlin), Groelle pass:projects (Wuppertal), 500X Gallery (Dallas), ISELP Institute (Brussels), Damien & The Love Guru (Brussels), AIR (Antwerp) and Cultuurcentrum (Hasselt). This Autumn, O.J.A.I. will host the first ever European Conference of Institutional Ideators at Groelle Pass Projects in Wuppertal.

Wexford County Council
Newtown Road                                           Performance Time 
Carricklawn                                                 21 June 2019
Wexford                                                      18.00 hrs




National Day of Lists and Inventory (performance) rehearsal photo courtesy of  ©Pauline Poelmans


    24.03.2019 - 16.06.2019

Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence is delighted to be presenting a new performance in the context Festival van de Controle (Festival of Control) curated by Sarah Van Marcke & Thierry Vandenbussche at CCHA in Hasselt. The performance inaugurates the National Day of Lists and inventory, a new National holiday initiated by OJAI to promote Belgium's rich bureaucratic heritage, and more generally- to engage the public with listmaking as a generative tool in daily life. An installation of OJAI material used in the performance will remain on display for the duration of the show.

Artists participating in Festival van de Controle: Francis Alÿs (BE/MEX), Mémé Bartels (NL), Ruben Bellinkx (BE), Roelien Brink (ZAF), Stefan Brüggemann (MEX), Guy Cassiers (BE), Constant Dullaart (NL), Fischli & Weiss (CH), Kendell Geers (ZAF/BE), Maarten Inghels (BE), Matthew Leifheit & Cynthia Talmadge (US), Ariane Loze (BE), Taus Makhacheva (RUS), Simon Menner (DE), Zach Nader (US), The Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence (OJAI) - Chris Dreier (DE) & Gary Farrelly (IRL/BE), Amalia Pica (ARG/UK), Annaïk Lou Pitteloud (CH/BE), Corinna Schnitt (DE), Roman Signer (CH), Lisa van Casand (NL), Ben Van den Berghe (BE) & Alexey Shlyk (RUS/BE), Chaim van Luit (NL), Sarah Van Marcke (BE), Rob Wetzer (NL)  

CCHA Cultuurcentrum Hasselt





Debates on Division: when private becomes public is an ongoing, interactive performance that deals with the complexity of current political reality and its implications. What begins as a fictional TV talk show with invited actors and artists ends with a performative procession to the European Parliament. Gluklya and Anna Bitkina thus aim to create a public forum that highlights different forms of human fragility and traumas caused by deviating from established political structures. In collaboration with Philippine Hoegen, Teresa Cos, Gary Farrelly and Polina Akhmetzyanova. Debates on Division is taking place in the context of Performatik19 Brussels Biennial of Performance Art.

Bozar Centre for Fine Arts


GLUE, London

GLUE (2017), dir. Oisin Byrne, featuring. Gary Farrelly, HD Video, 51min


13.12.18 - 03.02.19

GLUE is the first feature-length film by Irish artist Oisín Byrne, with artist and collaborator Gary Farrelly. Told through manic and confessional monologues and dialogues, Gary – a cross-dressing narcoleptic – delivers a comic insight into our shattered subjectivity.

As Gary comes off the mood-enhancing drugs used to treat his narcolepsy, time and identity are dislocated between places real and imagined: Gary’s flat in Brussels, a disintegrating Irish country house, the ‘floating train’ in Wuppertal, Gary’s own grave, and a maternity ward. Gary himself is linguistically pyrotechnic, quick-witted, and provocative, but it is the hesitations, slow-time and the intimate space of filmmaking that produce a portrait which is both tender and brutally touching.

The film articulates Byrne’s ongoing interrogation of identity formation through linguistic models of naming, shaming, interpellation and performativity, particularly in relation to queer experience. In Farrelly’s dextrous performance, at turns good humoured and desperate, we see the shuttling of subjectivity between belonging and alienation, identification and wilful refusal of categorisation. The psychic rupture caused by these breaks is palpable. (words from GCCA website)

Please note the film runs at 52 minutes, and starts on the hour, every hour. 

Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art
Goldsmiths, University of London                             Opening Reception        Artist Talk
Saint James'                                                             13 December 2018          15 December 2018



Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence, tunnel video (2018) [still](image as a postcard)



Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence is delighted to present White Paper on the Abolition of Tunnels (also known as Tunnel Lottery) - a video and live performance created during OJAI's residency at AIR Antwerpen this summer. The work is being performed in the context of the [Bau036] a group show from Antwerp by Baumusik currently on public display at Gold + Beton in Cologne. OJAI is particularly excited to bring the work to Gold + Beton bearing in mind that the gallery is located in the landmark pedestrian tunnel running under Ebert Platz in downtown Cologne.

OJAI spent the summer in Antwerp stitching together the performance out of research and documentation previously gathered on site in pedestrian tunnels in Wuppertal, Berlin and downtown Dallas (during our fact-finding mission to Texas last summer). New histories and video footage sourced in the two mammoth tunnels connecting both sides of Antwerp were also incorporated into the presentation. The performance follows the format of a lottery combined with video, music and storytelling elements that extend the topic of pedestrian tunnels into a conversation about architecture, violence, disaster and war.

Gold + Beton

Ebert Platz 3                      Performance
50668 Köln                        03 November 2018



Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence (OJAI Sud), modified tunnel postcard (2016) 



Gary Farrelly concludes a residency of three months in the framework of the annual collaboration between AIR Antwerpen and RAVI Liège. The project, a joint venture with Chris Dreier under the banner of Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence was to collect video footage, anecdotal data and sound recordings in the two gigantic pedestrian tunnels that run under the River Scheldt in the city centre (Sint-Annatunnel and KennedyFietstunnel). The work was integrated into OJAI's previous site-specific body of work about tunnels in Dallas, Berlin, Naples, Preston and Wuppertal. The resulting video work, vinyl record (Music for Tunnels) and live lottery performance is presented as a single proposition entitled White Paper on the Abolition of Tunnels. The work addresses one of the central claims of the OJAI project – the assertion that architecture imposes itself on the human psyche primarily as a form of violence.

AIR Antwerpen




22.09.2018 - 23.09.2018

The Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence is delighted to be taking part in I Am Dynamite, a symposium taking place over two days with talks, performances, and music that celebrate the role of disagreement in culture creation and public discourse. IAD is part of this year's Dublin Fringe Festival. OJAI will perform at the finalé of IAD on the second day of the program, this will be our first time performing in Ireland. Curated by Roisin Agnew, the program includes: Angela Nagle, Jessa Crispin, Jesse Presley Jones, Emmet Kirwan, Seamas O'Reilly, Kitty Holland, Grace Dyas, Gary Gannon, Ellen Coyne, Roisin Kiberd, Willie White, Nialler 9, Rob Mirolo & Algorithm, Office For Joint Administrative Intelligence (Gary Farrelly and Chris Dreier), Spicebag and Rosa Abbott. 

              BOOK TICKETS

Event Times
22nd-23rd September 2018
13.00 – 18.00 hrs


GLUE, Salzburg

Oisin Byrne and Gary Farrelly, film still from Glue

>>GLUE <<


 At once documentary and fantasy, Glue delivers a radical and comic insight into our shattered subjectivity. Gary—a cross-dressing narcoleptic—has recently come off the mood-enhancing drugs used to treat his narcolepsy. Time and identity in the film are dislocated between places real and imagined: Gary’s flat in Brussels, a disintegrating Irish country house, the floating train in Wuppertal, his own grave, a maternity ward. Gary himself is linguistically pyrotechnic, quick-witted, and provocative, but it is in the pauses, hesitations, slow time and the intimate space of filmmaking that we discover a portrait which is tender and brutally touching.

"Glue“ by Oisin Byrne & Gary Farrelly is being screened as part of 20 Propositions, a series of exhibitions, performances and screenings taking place over the summer in the Salzburger Kunstverein. Each project phase has its own opening event. The Sunset Kino, Austria’s only outdoor avant-garde cinema, includes seven screenings of contemporary video and film. Curated by Séamus Kealy, 20 Propositions is produced in homage to the exhibition “40 Days 20 Exhibitions,” held 20 years ago in the Salzburger Kunstverein, and curated by the director then, Hildegund Amanshauser. This new version takes a different format but arises out a spirit of flux and engagement as the earlier exhibition had.

Salzburger Kunstverein



Gary Farrelly,  "Waco" OJAI correspondence (postcard) (2018), photographs from television news screen


30.06.18 - 08.07.18

Henry Andersen, Anna Bak, Eric Baudelaire, Tatiana Bohm, Simon Bedwell, Laurie Charles, Anthony Colclough, Liam Gillick, Jenny Holzer, Lukas Müller, Office For Joint Administrative Intelligence (Chris Dreier & Gary Farrelly), Linder Sterling, Parasite 2.0., Suzanne Treister, Frank Wasser, Zero Desk. Curated/ Edited by Pádraic E. Moore

Letters of Last Resort is a publication, exhibition and performance programme. The project is informed by ongoing research into the ‘culture of apocalypse’. Some of the material included in this compendium was produced specifically for the project while other elements were extant long before this endeavour commenced. Aside from the desire to assemble and disseminate these contributions from artists and writers, another factor motivating this work was the aspiration to initiate a project that served as a testament to the possibilities of collaboration. The development of this project entailed a pooling of energy and resources from the numerous individuals and I’m deeply grateful to all those who contributed. In the face of mounting anxiety and socio-political uncertainty, processes such as this are still truly inspiriting. The title of this project refers to letters signed by the British Prime Minister located on each of the submarines carrying nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles that constitute the Trident defence programme. 

Damien & The Love Guru