Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence, tunnel video (2018) [still](image as a postcard)



Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence is delighted to present White Paper on the Abolition of Tunnels (also known as Tunnel Lottery) - a video and live performance created during OJAI's residency at AIR Antwerpen this summer. The work is being performed in the context of the [Bau036] a group show from Antwerp by Baumusik currently on public display at Gold + Beton in Cologne. OJAI is particularly excited to bring the work to Gold + Beton bearing in mind that the gallery is located in the landmark pedestrian tunnel running under Ebert Platz in downtown Cologne.

OJAI spent the summer in Antwerp stitching together the performance out of research and documentation previously gathered on site in pedestrian tunnels in Wuppertal, Berlin and downtown Dallas (during our fact-finding mission to Texas last summer). New histories and video footage sourced in the two mammoth tunnels connecting both sides of Antwerp were also incorporated into the presentation. The performance follows the format of a lottery combined with video, music and storytelling elements that extend the topic of pedestrian tunnels into a conversation about architecture, violence, disaster and war.

Gold + Beton

Ebert Platz 3                      Performance
50668 Köln                        03 November 2018