Gary Farrelly, Postal works (2013), RE Gallery, Dallas, Texas.
Gary Farrelly, Postal works (2013), RE Gallery, Dallas, Texas.

GOING POSTAL - an exhibition of diverse postal art production, processes and materials. Including works by: 

Michael Corris
Gary Farrelly
John Pomara
Sam Schonzeit

Opening Reception 7-10 pm Friday August 16
Art Talk / Pot Luck 7-9 pm Sunday August 18 
Gallery Hours Wed-Sat 12-6 pm and by appointment
The show will close on September 14

RE gallery 
1717 Gould Street 
Dallas tx 75215 

The series of postcards by Michael Corris are all adaptations of prior bodies of work made during
the 1980s. As postcards, they intend to exploit a more public model for making and disseminating of art. While they index other projects that were originally exhibited in the form of typographic book works, commissioned political posters, or informational materials related to activist campaigns, they also stand on their own as tokens of another kind of exchange.

Gary Farrelly’s works are mailed without envelope in the standard post, thus exposed to 
bureaucratic and procedural alteration / molestation. Whole exhibitions are incrementally transmitted in this manner. Large works are disassembled into or created as constituent parts for unitary dispatch. Farrelly has been sending the works to RE gallery since early 2013 from his home base of Pickering Forest, Ireland. Several works are also collaborations with Sam Schonzeit where they mailed works back and forth, altering each others along the way. Gary's work is courtesy of Ro2 Art.

John Pomara’s ready made mailer paintings are not really paintings but studies in color for a' larger painting series titled “96 Tears”. The mailer bar codes were similar in composition to the larger paintings pixelated stencils. By precisely utilizing the mailers as dip sticks, Pomara was offered visual solutions on a smaller less invested scale before taking on the larger sized works. Part happy accident, part rigorous study, these reused mailer paintings are quirky small works that hover between abstraction and the everyday. John's work is courtesy of Barry Whistler Gallery.

Sam Schonzeit’s works include a mail art subscription program where he enlists patrons to receive an original postal art work through the mail each month. This program was in particular response to the fact that Sam did not have a gallery to show his work at the time. Therefore he created his own art production, distribution and income system through the postal service. A small catalog documenting the history of his mail art subscription program was also produced for the Going Postal show. Sam also creates small abstract mask and spray paintings made in the size of postcards. These small works on paper are sold in select places, and while they may be used as postcards to be mailed, they are also beautiful little gems to be individually collected. 

                                                                     Gary Farrelly, dispatch 2013110 (2013)