A selection of postal works on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Republika Srpska (2013).

I have been dispatching a series of advanced Mail Artworks to MSURSThe Museum of Contemporary Art of Republika Srpska since January 2013. The correspondence artworks have been departing my studio at monthly intervals without envelope. I unilaterally instigated the process and the initial dispatches were not solicited by MSURS. As the content accumulated in Republika Srpska the curatorial staff at the museum have become active collaborators in the process: documenting and archiving every piece upon arrival.

In February 2014 a selection the of works were shown as part of a major group exhibition at the museum entitled Iz/usetnosti (which translates as Extraordinaries). Since mid 2014 the collection has been part of the permanent public collection the museum.

Gary Farrelly, dispatch 2016084 (2016), MSURS, Republika Srpska.