image courtesy of Kitty Kamp
Gary Farrelly, consolidated exercise 1 (2015), 29 x 35 inches.

Policy Documents is Gary Farrelly’s first solo exhibition in New York. Research material comprised of typed lists, diagrams and self-generated flotsam institute an atmosphere of bureaucracy and office. Self-representation through administrative systems is the central proposition. Materials employed include: carbon paper, spray paint, stencils, a typewriter and office stationary. The curator is Suzi Teo.

Museum Quality is a minuscule space, in the setting of a mall, hidden behind a taxicab dispatcher. It is an unlikely venue for showcasing conceptual art and design. In marked contrast to the cookie-cutter white cubes, Museum Quality is an attempt to design a forum that harkens back to ad hoc artist run spaces, with minimal red tape; an experimental lab to redefine the language of institution and space.

Gary Farrelly
Policy Documents

On view Nov 21 - Dec 21, 2015

Museum Quality
59 Pearl Street 
Brooklyn, New York 11201