Image: Office of Joint Administrative Intelligence (2016)
Our second performance as Dexia Defunct takes place at Bei Ruth bar in Neukölln on March 25th. The latest installment of the DD collaboration is a soundscape made up of office machinery, administrative processes and transport infrastructure. The recordings are combined with spoken word content: collaboratively researched financial data, self-hypnosis and language tutorial. The performance is taking place as part of:

„Ich hoere dauernd Huehner“ – Bob Rutman & Zam Johnson + Feedbackorchester + Dexia Defunct + Flamingo Creatures + DJs Plattentektonik. Curated by Ansgar Wilken.

Office of Joint Administrative Intelligence (2016): Gary Farrelly (left) and Chris Dreier (right). Image Ann Christine Freuwoerth

Dexia Defunct had it's inaugural concert Musique Concrete for the age of communication and control at the Bokal Royale in Brussels last June.  Dexia Defunct is a part of the OJAI Office of Joint Administrative Intelligence, a research collaboration focused on economic modeling, post-war architecture and personal inventory systems. OJAI activity manifests in co-authored bureaucracy, sound performance, mail-art and photography.