OneOnOne, Brussels

foreground: David Lunney, background: Gary Farrelly; image courtesy of Ella de Burca.

Gary Farrelly, college wrestlers (2016), embroidery on found image.

Stefan Banz, Ella de Burca, Gary Farrelly, David Lunney, Léa Mayer and Pope L will will square up to the theme of boxing, not to splay it lifelessly across a canvas but to vigorously recatalise the pugilistic narrative. The artist will become boxer and questions of body, ego, society, medium and representation will be brought into focus with adrenal clarity amid a series of fractious blows. The exhibition is the curatorial initiative of Anthony Colclough. 

Opening night wil feature: Professor Vanreusel of KU Leuven, brief academic discussion, 'Boxing, art and poetry'. Barbara Pereyra and Billie Hanne dance performance.

25 May at 18:00–22:00
Exhibition closes 10 June

Clovis XV, Boulevard Clovis, 15, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.