Gary Farrelly, typing on paper, posted in Berlin street/ object presumed destroyed (2016)


An exhibition with
Matias Bechtold, Chris Dreier, Gary Farrelly, Alekos Hofstetter & Florian Göpfert,
Dirk Krecker and Christine Weber
Galerie Lisi Haemmerle (Bregenz) in cooperation with Laura Mars Gallery (Berlin)

More sceptical is the work of Gary Farrelly and Dirk Krecker who interrogate the aesthetics of modernity: Farrelly subverts the representation of modernist buildings by hand-embroidering them with delicate patterns while Krecker has punched holes into white sheets of paper with a typewriter. The results of these seemingly strenuous activities are fragile textures reminiscent of complex urban structures and at the same time of digital information overload.        
                                                                                                             (Der Standard 13/08/2016)
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