The Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence is delighted to present a new performance entitled Plenary Session 1. The work comes to Wexford in the context of Here/There, a Rhineland-South East collaboration curated by Anya von Gosselnand Juergen Groelle facilitated by Wexford Arts Centre. Plenary Session 1 is O.J.A.I.’s first Irish performance outside Dublin and combines spoken word, audio and video elements pertaining to O.J.A.I.’s research in the field of calamity, conspiracy theory, and political identity. The performance takes place in Wexford County Council's legislative chamber, the ideal scenography for O.J.A.I.'s ongoing investigation into the bureaucratic apparatus that ensures collective functioning and the power structures embedded in public architecture.

The Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence was founded in 2015 by Chris Dreier (DE) and Gary Farrelly (IRE/BE) and is headquartered in Berlin and Brussels. O.J.A.I. research focuses on esoteric information embedded in the urban environment and the agency of the self in history’s bigger narrative. O.J.A.I. work takes the form of surveys, field trips, publications, performances, videos, and a radio show. O.J.A.I. exhibitions, temporary offices and performances have taken place at Marres, House for-Contemporary Culture (Maastricht), Laura Mars Gallery (Berlin), Groelle pass:projects (Wuppertal), 500X Gallery (Dallas), ISELP Institute (Brussels), Damien & The Love Guru (Brussels), AIR (Antwerp) and Cultuurcentrum (Hasselt). This Autumn, O.J.A.I. will host the first ever European Conference of Institutional Ideators at Groelle Pass Projects in Wuppertal.

Wexford County Council
Newtown Road                                           Performance Time 
Carricklawn                                                 21 June 2019
Wexford                                                      18.00 hrs