19.10.2O19 & 01.12.2019

The Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence's second exhibition at Groelle Pass Projects KNOW YOUR PLACE showcases obsessive research in the combined field of architecture, hero-worship, conspiracy theory and the power of institutions. It encompasses maps, videos, audio work, postal correspondence and declassified documents from the archive. In addition, the exhibition is accompanied by a limited edition vinyl LP featuring Dreier and Farrelly reading lists, their preferred format for conveying information. It also includes sounds from OJAI's Political and Infrastructural Sound Archive.

The scenography for Know Your Place is by Italian architecture and design practice Parasite 2.0 who have designed a bespoke office environment especially for OJAI. Their construction functions as a system of display as well as a site of collaboration, performance and work.

The exhibition is inextricably linked to the European Conference of Institutional Ideators ECII, hosted by OJAI on October 26/27 - a gathering of self-instituted artistic practices. The exhibition responds to the same question that motivates the conference: How to be an institution? Why be an institution? How to institute?

Grölle Pass Projects
143 e Friedrich Ebert Strasse                             
D-42117 Wuppertal