Tunnel Affection proposes three performances in subterranean contexts featuring Merzedes Sturm-Lie, Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence O.J.A.I. (Chris Dreier and Gary Farrelly) and Ogar Grafe. Tunnel Affection is part of TERI*, an ongoing series of O.J.A.I. operations exploring tunnels as ready-made stages for performative interventions and other forms of cultural assembly. Previous subterrestial initiatives include a renaming ceremony in the Wuppertal Angst Tunnel, affective listening & underpass-themed cocktails in the Charleroi Paradise Tunnels and a musical composition workshop in the defamed under-street passages of Chisinau, Moldova. Tunnel Affection starts in the immense, futuristic ICC tunnel before proceeding to a nearby underground location. The evening culminates in a party with DJ Daniel Shushan. Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence is generously supported by Berlin Musikfonds.
* Tunnel Emancipation and Recreation Initiative

Sunday 09 October, 2022
International Congress Center